Home News Mysterious glowing object possibly UFO spotted in Peru, watch video

Mysterious glowing object possibly UFO spotted in Peru, watch video

An unearthly orange light floated cacophonously across dim skies above Lima, Peru, leaving inhabitants flabbergasted and sought answers. Peru is a place which has been in the news earlier also for such strange and unexplained phenomena. The event has been filmed in the form of a minute-long video which shows the unusual form moving slowly and abruptly disappearing. The purported video lasted a full minute and was shown on Peruvian media and has left the observers dumbstruck.

There are reports of the strange sighting in other parts of South America also. Residents living in other areas of South America including the Highlands southeast of Lima and the Amazon Rain Forests also reported seeing strange lights in the night sky.

This has given way to speculations that the planet is being visited by alien life and a possible future invasion. There is a possibility of it being a high altitude balloon used in the Project Loon by Google to provide the internet to people in remote locations. However, Peruvians insist that such incidents happen at regular intervals and fear that their country is being used as a stopover by alien crafts for years.

Fifty percent of the Peruvian population claims that they had some form or other of abnormal experience in the past. UFO buffs contend that the age-old attachment of the nation to ancient sites could be the reason for the aliens revisiting the planet again and again.