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The Moon, Venus, and Jupiter will inline in rare divine three-in-one meeting tomorrow

Venus Jupiter and Moon

The Moon, Venus, and Jupiter are the second, third and the fourth brightest heavenly bodies after the Sun. The three celestial bodies will be clustered together in a rare divine three-in-one meeting. In reality, the three bodies are separated by millions of kilometers apart but will seem to be almost side by side. Look at the western sky at dusk tomorrow and you will see them as if strung by a string side by side.

To get a clear view of the rare event viewers must go to a location where they can get a clear view of the western sky with no horizon obstruction. A high rise balcony facing east is an optimum location.

The Moon will appear as a thin sliver crescent and will seem like it is hanging over Jupiter. Venus or the evening star is smaller than Jupiter, but it is brighter since it is closer to the sun. Earlier on July 1st, a similar situation had been witnessed, when Jupiter and Venus looked as if hanging right next to one another. The conjunction made the two planets appear separated by a distance less than the diameter of a full moon.

Venus also called Evening Star is 261 million kilometers from Earth. Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System, a huge gas giant that is 588 million kilometers away. It is not a rare coincidence for two planets to look in proximity to one another.

However, this event is special because it can be viewed at many latitudes and at a convenient time of the day. According to Mr. Albert Lim, honorary assistant secretary of The Astronomical Society of Singapore or Tasos such a coincidence has happened some 2000 years ago.

The event has led to people throwing conjunction parties and putting photos online Mr. Lim added that the crescent moon would form a triangle with two bright planets-Venus and Jupiter. He added that the conjunction was not a rarity, but the event is striking and picturesque, and a great occasion for photographers to explore creative angles.

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