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Microsoft Teams gets new features so that remote working is more productive and less of a stress

With the Covid 19 pandemic bringing about a drastic change in our working environment, advanced video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams have come across as the saviour for companies to do business during times when social distancing is seen as the new normal.

While Microsoft Teams ensures you remain connected with others and communicate in real time with your colleagues and partners, the platform has been enhanced further with the addition of new features to make working in a virtual environment less of a chore. The company said this is aimed at reducing video fatigue so that you have more productive stints in front of the PC.

Together mode: Prime among the new features added to Microsoft Teams include the new Together mode which uses the power of virtual reality to ensure you are more connected and engaged with others in your meetings and gatherings. This is a way to nullify the distance limitations so that you never feel being alienated from others even if you are working from home and alone.

Dynamic view: Then there is the Dynamic view which the company described as a smart new way to interact with others. It works by prioritizing shared content so that you remain abreast of the latest development in the office space. Plus, you will also get to know right away who has joined the video chat.

Cortana: The Microsoft digital assistant too has been introduced to Teams and will help you ‘securely find the right meetings, files and people when you ask’. It’s working is based on AI and Microsoft Graph and will serve as a personal assistant that is always available on the platform.

Filter: Microsoft described this as a means to help in non-verbal communications. This has been brought about by the addition of video filters and is backed by advanced AI technology.

In-meeting features: This includes such features like chat bubbles, reflections or live reactions that users will be able to share to give vent to their feeling, all without hampering the meeting flow.

Microsoft said they have been reflecting on the Work Trend Index report to find out patterns in the manner remote work is conducted around the globe and the psychological impact it is having on the human mind. The company said the latest feature additions to Teams is in according to these finding to ensure users have a fun yet productive environment to work in.