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Microsoft announces To-Do List, a new task management app set to replace Wunderlist

To-do list

Microsoft just announced a new task management app called To-Do list. The app works across every major platform including iOS, Android, and obviously Windows 10. The app can also be accessed via the Web in case you do not wish to install the app.

So what is To-do list?

As the name suggests, the purpose of the app is to allow users to easily create to-do lists, reminders, and keep a track of your tasksIt’sts essentially Microsft’s move to replace Wunderlist, as the company plans to kill the app and roll out its own version of Wunderlist with added features such as Office365 integration, Outlook Calender sync, and more.

“Microsoft To-Do is a simple to-do list app that intelligently takes the stress out of planning your day. Whether you’re planning for work or home, To-Do’s My Day view and intelligent Suggestions empower you to focus on the most important things you need to achieve, every day”, explains Microsoft.

To-Do List uses algorithms to offer intelligent user suggestions, based on what the user might be looking for and when. It includes most of the popular features from Wunderlist such as sharing lists, and Microsoft has promised integrations with external services. That said, the Redmond giant is still giving final touches to fine tune and add more features to the app. Interested users can try the preview version of the app, which is now available on Microsoft Store, Google Play, and the App store.

“Once we are confident that we have incorporated the best of Wunderlist into To-Do, we will retire Wunderlist. While the name and icon may change, the team that brought you Wunderlist continues on. We look forward to making To-Do even more useful, intuitive and personal,” further adds Microsoft.

To-Do List arrives on Windows 10 as a universal app, so it works on both PCs along with smartphones running Windows 10 Mobile. Also, Microsoft is planning to “roll out a new app called Microsoft Authenticator. It works like Google two-step verification,  sends a notification to the user’s phone to approve a login. The only difference is that the user is not required to physically enter his/her password.