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Microsoft Pix app for iPhone uses artificial intelligence to capture images

Microsoft has released a new camera app for Apple iPhones, which will help you capture the best possible image using artificial intelligence. Named as Microsoft Pix, the app is now available for download from the Apple App Store.

Presently we have been getting to see artificial intelligence being used by a number of apps related to photography. The Prisma app took the world by storm with its outstanding capability to convert normal images into artistic masterpieces. The app takes help of artificial intelligence and neural networks to completely redraw an image into an artwork. (Download here)

The Microsoft’s app is focused on a different aspect. While in Prisma you need to capture an image first and then the app can work on it; Pix uses artificial intelligence to assist you to take the best image possible by your smartphone camera and with flawless timing.

Microsoft Pix starts to use its intelligence right from the moment you launch the app. The app constantly analyses the scene from the viewfinder and actively tweaks and adjusts various settings like exposure, white balance, ISO, etc. This helps it to always be prepared beforehand to capture the best photograph. The app has inbuilt face detection capability. Whenever Pix detects a face, it swiftly adjusts several settings to make the face look the best.

The app shoots a total of ten images every time you click the shutter button. Half the number of shots are captured just before the shutter was pressed, and the rest five photos are taken after you tap on the shutter button. Then Pix uses its artificial intelligence to calculate numerous aspects and select the best images captured.

The shortlisted photographs are then automatically polished. If faces of peoples are detected in the photo, Pix gives most priority to the enhancement of those faces in the best possible way. This feature makes it stand apart from the other apps of the same category.

Most photography apps do not enhance or adjust photos by focusing on people’s faces. You can compare the final image with the other captured images side by side to see the improvements.

Live images can also be captured using Microsoft Pix. The intelligent app can automatically detect and analyze motions in the scene to capture a Live photo. The app captures live photos only if interesting movements occur in the scene. During a live shot, lots of photos are captured and stitched together to result in a looping video.

The Microsoft Pix is only available for Apple iPhones at the moment. The Android version of the app will soon be released.