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Microsoft opens India’s first Cybersecurity Engagement Center in Delhi NCR

Windows maker Microsoft has opened its first Cyber Security Engagement Centre (CESC) in Delhi NCR region. According to Microsoft, the CESC will offer their expertise and work with partners to detect and take evasive measures to tackle cyber threats in India. Besides, it’ll build a trusted and a secure computing environment, a significant move towards India’s digital transformation.

“At Microsoft, we put trust and security at the core of everything we do. India stands at an exciting threshold today as we embrace the power of mobile and cloud computing. Data is becoming the driver of growth and innovation across every sector and will catalyze the 4th industrial revolution,” said Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman, Microsoft India.

The CESC is a part of Microsoft Consultancy Services (MCS), a dedicated response team based in India, that’ll offer security consultancy services to business organisations. The team will work closely with enterprises to understand their business goals. Also, MCS will offer services such as cyber monitoring, threat detection using machine learning based technology and take evasive measures to combat cyber threat.

This marks Microsoft’s seventh Cybersecurity centre in the world. The company’s other cyber security centres internationally are located in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Singapore, Berlin and Washington DC.

“We want to collaborate with our customers, our partners and with the government to combat cyber threat in India,” said Madhu Khatri, associate general counsel, Microsoft India.

The CESC believes that it will build upon the momentum in the last few years, where the DCU (Digital Crime Unit) has formed various strategic partnerships with public sector and law enforcement agencies around the world. Microsoft’s DCU aims to build trust by fighting malware globally, curb digital risk and protect vulnerable demographics.

In addition, Microsoft has also rolled out a nationwide campaign called Secure. The program is essentially aimed at raising awareness about cyber security among business organisations in India. Under the program, Microsoft will provide educational and coaching sessions among Indian organisations. Currently, the campaign has reached over 300 enterprises.