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Microsoft is now Linux Platinum member, to boost open source development

Microsoft has joined Linux foundation in a bid to boost open source in the software development segment. Announcing the development at the Connect Conference in New York, Microsoft has disclosed that the company is joining hands with Linux foundation as a platinum member.

As part of being a platinum member, the Redmond-based giant has committed to donate $500,000 per year for the advancement and open source development of various projects. There are reports that Microsoft has been making use of Linux for various projects not only to solve problems but also for collaboration with various other tools.

According to industry analysts, the announcement by Microsoft assumes great importance for both Microsoft and Linux. Recently, Microsoft is showing good signs by changing its stand on Linux.

Recently, Microsoft had sponsored events such as Linuxcon. By becoming a member of the Linux foundation, Microsoft has taken one step ahead to accept the open source technologies meaningfully. This is because former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer never supported Linux during his tenure.

In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times in 2001, Ballmer declined to embrace both Linux and the open source movement as a whole. He never accepted the concept of open source and claimed that open source software somehow made all other software worse. Linux is cancer that attaches itself, in an intellectual proper sense, to everything it touches, added Ballmer.

The Linux Foundation also provides compliance, consulting services, corporate training, events, event management and professional networks. The open source foundation also offers courses related to a wide range of Linux developments.

This includes courses on the desktop, enterprise server, mobile and embedded markets. The courses include intensive hands-on lab exercises and demos to provide students with the real world experience, which are required for the success of various projects.

In addition to the highest level Platinum membership, the non-profit organization also offers Gold and Silver-level memberships.