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Microsoft has doped the Windows 10 OS with a host of new features

Microsoft has officially announced the launch of the Windows 10 loaded with a host of new features. The tech giant has chosen to go out of its way this time as it introduces the upgrade for free. The OS will be available free for upgrade to all license holders of the previous versions of the company’s OS, including Windows 7, Windows 8.1. In addition, it will be available in all devices with Windows Phone 8.1 as well. Microsoft claims that the OS will work seamlessly across different devices, including desktops, smartphones and tablets. To offer users an incredible experience, it has also added a Continuum feature.

Microsoft has added several new features to its new OS. Microsoft has included its voice assistant feature, Cortana to Windows 10. It can be found beside the Start Menu, named PC World. The feature can be accessed via voice commands or text commands alike. It would help users locate files both on the local drive, as well as on OneDrive cloud.

Aiming to provide a seamless experience through different devices, Microsoft has included a new feature called Universal apps to the new OS. The platform will enable app developers to design their apps such that they would run on all devices. The company is also offering the Xbox Gaming app along with the upgrade. It will allow players to get in touch with their Xbox Live friends and track the status of the game.

Among other changes that Microsoft has introduced with the new OS, the company is offering a new light-weight internet browser, the Spartan Browser. It claims to offer a simplified user interference with additional features such as inbuilt note marking and sharing. The browser will allow users to view clutter free webpages. It is also enabled with Cortana.

Another important addition to the Windows Os is the return of the Start Menu. But Microsoft has not yet announced any specific date for the launch.