Home News Microsoft Copilot Extends Its Capabilities to Classic Outlook for Windows

Microsoft Copilot Extends Its Capabilities to Classic Outlook for Windows

Microsoft Copilot Extends Its Capabilities to Classic Outlook for Windows

In a significant update, Microsoft has announced the expansion of its Copilot features to the classic version of Outlook for Windows. This development comes as a part of Microsoft’s broader strategy to incorporate advanced AI tools across its suite, enhancing productivity and efficiency for users.

Key Features and Rollout

The classic Outlook, known for its robustness and extensive user base, will now support various functionalities through Copilot. From drafting emails that mirror a user’s writing style to managing tasks with enhanced AI capabilities, Copilot is set to transform how users interact with their email client.

The public preview of Copilot in classic Outlook commenced in early May 2024, with a complete rollout expected by early June 2024. Users of classic Outlook can look forward to experiencing features such as email drafting, scheduling assistance, and detailed insights into their productivity patterns without any administrative action required prior to the update​.

Operational Enhancements and User Interface

Copilot’s integration into classic Outlook goes beyond mere functionality; it includes significant improvements to the user interface and operational efficiency. Users will be able to access Copilot directly from the app bar, making it easier to employ its features seamlessly as they manage their communications​​.

Future Prospects and Organizational Impact

Even as Microsoft plans the phase-out of classic Outlook by 2025, the introduction of Copilot features ensures that users continue to receive substantial support to boost their productivity. Organizations are advised to prepare for this change by updating their documentation and informing their teams about the upcoming capabilities.

As Microsoft continues to innovate within its ecosystem, the integration of Copilot into classic Outlook signifies a commitment to enhancing user experience and organizational efficiency. This update is poised to help users streamline their workflow and harness the full potential of AI within their everyday tasks.


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