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Microsoft also plans to release Windows 10 Redstone 3 in 2017

windows 10 redstone 3 update

The upcoming Windows 10 Redstone 3 update is also set to arrive this year, along with the Creators Update due sometime in April. Microsoft officially announced during its Ignite conference in Australia that another major Windows 10 update is also on the cards for 2017, codenamed Redstone 3.

The software giant showed off a slide during the event that reveals the upcoming Creators Update, along with the another massive update for 2017. The information was leaked by one of the attendees at the event. That said, the company didn’t announce an exact release date. However, more information likely to be announced at a later date, possibly during the company’s BUILD conference in May.

Windows 10 redstone 3

Windows 10 Redstone 3

Past reports suggest that Microsoft is prepping the release of Redstone 3 update this fall, sometime in November 2017. Some sources even suggest the update could arrive in November as Windows 10 version 1711. For now, Redstone 3 is just the codename used internally, and Microsoft is most likely to call it something else. For instance, the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update was earlier codenamed Redstone 2.

From what we can gather, Redstone 3 could roll out for Insiders on the Fast Ring for initial testing by October. Members who’ve enrolled themselves on the Fast Ring get first dibs on future Windows Updates, and same would likely be the case with Redstone 3.

Meanwhile, the Windows 10 Creators Update is said to arrive sometime in April this year. And shortly after it’s final rollout, Microsoft is expected to start releasing the first Redstone 3 builds for Insiders. Some reports also indicate that Microsoft plans to release the next major Windows 10 Creators update alongside the rumored Surface Pro 5, also expected to launch sometime in April.

For now, specific details about Redstone 3 remain unknown. Though at least we know it’s coming and should likely release in fall this year. More information about the update should emerge in the coming months, sometime around April when the Windows 10 Creators Update starts rolling out.


Microsoft has already announced that the upcoming Creators Update is going to be a massive upgrade, expected to offer enhanced gaming capabilities, mixed reality, connectivity, and more. The update is also said to bring Wi-Fi 802.11d support, WSB Dock Discovery, and more.

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