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Mi HyperSonic Power Bank with 20,000 mAh battery, triple charging ports launched in India for Rs. 3,499


Mi India announced the launch of its new Mi HyperSonic PowerBank in India which happens to be the most advanced and powerful power bank the Chinese manufacturer has ever come up with. The power bank comes with triple ports to cater to multiple devices at the same time while the fast charging tech ensures the attached devices are able to recharge themselves in quick time.

Mi HyperSonic Power Bank specifications

The efficacy of any power bank is measured by the amount of power it can pack in. Towards that, the Mi HyperSonic Power Bank excels with its high density 20,000 mAh Li-Po battery pack, which means plenty of power to meet the demands of several devices at the same time. Also, as the company stated, the power bank comes with a 16-layers advanced chip protection system that ensures the highest levels of security and safety.

For instance, the chip protection feature acts as a safeguard against short-circuit or a sudden surge in input voltage. Similarly, the feature also serves as a guard against a sudden rise in temperature or other abnormalities such as electrostatic discharge, battery over-current, over-discharge, along with plenty more. All of this makes sure the powerbank is completely safe for everyday usage even when it is pushed to the limits of its performance envelope.

A unique feature of the power bank is its low power charging mode wherein the power bank is able to charge devices that require lower power output. This can be invoked by double-tapping the power button and is useful for charging such devices as fitness bands, smartwatches, or Bluetooth headsets.

Also, as already mentioned, the Mi HyperSonic power bank comes with triple charging outlets, which include a pair of USB-A ports and a single USB-C port. It can charge compatible smartphones at 50W, which means a smartphone with a 4500 mAh battery can be recharged in just a shade over an hour. Similarly, the power bank can also be used to recharge laptop batteries as well, which it does at 45W. The power bank itself can be charged in 3 hours and 50 mins via the USB Type-C port.

Price and Availability

The Mi HyperSonic power bank is now available for Rs. 3,499 from Mi.com along with other online and offline retail outlets.