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Massive Clash of Clans update will introduce a new mysterious boat

Clash of Clans
The upcoming Clash of Clans update has something to do with a mysterious boat

Clash of Clans is also set to benefit from a huge update, the size of which it has never seen before. The makers though are maintaining a studied silence as to what new things the massive new update will bring along; or how things are going to be different with the massively popular game once the update is installed.

There are some hints though, and it is about seemingly as insignificant as just a boat. The boat is not in perfect shape and the players will have to repair the same. Unfortunately, that is just about all that is known at the moment.

The addition of boat-related content was by teased by game developers may  when they  tweeted out two “Captain’s Log” videos which show some familiar characters sailing across the open sea.

In any case, makers of the game are not known to be prompt with their updates. Perhaps they wish to make up for all such grouse with one big ‘mother of all updates’ this time.

Coming back to the ship, it is there to be seen along the bottom of every player’s base. It can’t be used as it is and has to be built again, for it to be rendered usable. So far so good, though the mystery starts from here onwards. For no one known where you need to take the ship to, or what lies ahead.

The game makers are not in the mood to reveal all just yet. Instead, there is this rather cryptic message: ‘Discover What Lies Beyond Your Shores’. A few videos have been released but those add more to the confusion than clearing any.

Some speculate there could be a new Clan Village where the ship will take the players to. There could be a new ‘Night Mode’ introduced as well, that will pose an even stiffer challenge to the players.

Then, there also is a rumor of there being a new hero in the making as well. Tentatively named Reviver, the hero will go about providing its healing touch to both men and material to revive them.

Supercell meanwhile has also stated there would be a new video released soon. Maybe that will help solve the mystery of the forthcoming Clash of Clans update.