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No Man’s Sky released for PC with over 8500 negative reviews

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After launching the much-awaited “No Man’s Sky” game for PlayStation 4, the space-exploration game has been launched for PC. However, within minutes after the launch, Steam got nearly 8500 negative reviews for No Man’s Sky. According to gaming industry analysts, the company should have waited for some more time to analyze the market trends. With this much massive reviews in place, it will be difficult for Hello Games to maintain trust among people. The “No Man’s Sky” game is available on Steam and GoG. The reviews clearly point out that the game is plagued with frame rate issues. Moreover, gamers have reported difficulties in re-mapping buttons on the mouse and keyboard.

No Man’s Sky Problem 1: Not supported in GTX 480 and Radeon 7878

Earlier, Hello Games informed that the game is capable of running in older cards such as the GTX 480 and Radeon 7878. However, gamers have reported that the No Man’s Sky game doesn’t work with these graphics cards.

No Man’s Sky Problem 2: Frame rate in GTX 1080

In fact, gamers who tested the game with premium graphics cards such as GTX 1080 and 980Ti faced serious issues with the frame rate. This problem doesn’t exist in the console version.

According to a gamer, the company should have tested the PC version of the game in all graphic cards before releasing it to the PC segment. Interestingly, the gamer played “No Man’s Sky” in his premium desktop computer.

No Man’s Sky Problem 3: Button remapping

The major problem with the PC version of No Man’s Sky is related to remapping of buttons on both the mouse and the keyboard. Gamers who played No Man’s Sky game on their PC are feeling themselves like second class citizens. The PlayStation version of No Man’s Sky never had to face any issues except few minor server issues.

Alternatively, gamers who played the game with gamepad also faced this issue. The buttons are remapped only to default to their former settings.

No Man’s Sky Problem 4: Floating menu system

While the gamers enjoyed the use of the floating menu system on their consoles, it doesn’t seem to work well in the PC version. Currently, gamers are finding out a mechanism to simplify the use of mouse scroll wheels since it cannot be configured to scroll through menus or through text.

While playing No Man’s game on PC, gamers need to hold to confirm every menu interaction. Few gamers though that instead of a gamepad, the use of mouse could have been better.

No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure packed survival video game developed and published by Hello Games. Distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment (PS4) and iam8bit (PC), the game is available for both PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

The game is built on four pillars such as exploration, survival, combat, and trading. As a player, you can perform within the automatically generated open universe, which bears over 18 quintillion (1.8×1019) planets with several sets of flora and fauna.