Home News Logitech launches Wireless Keyboard MK235 and Mouse M171 Combo for Rs. 1995

Logitech launches Wireless Keyboard MK235 and Mouse M171 Combo for Rs. 1995

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Logitech MK235 Wireless Keyboard and the Logitech M171 Wireless Mouse Combo set will be soon available in the Indian market. Although this wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo have been around for a while in other countries, but Indian buyers had to wait for getting it.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse are expensive as well as they require replacement of batteries every once in awhile. Not to mention the decrease in the sale of desktop PCs which has also directly affected the sale of Keyboard and Mouse. Logitech has taken a step in the direction to refuel the sale of its Keyboard and Mouse by introducing the Logitech MK235 and M171 Wireless Keyboard-Mouse combo.

The Logitech MK253 is a small sized portable wireless Keyboard which has all the standard keys along with 15 additional quick function keys. The keyboard is spill proof, durable and has anti-fading treatment for long lasting key prints. It also has two typing angles which can be switched by a small flap below the keyboard.

The Logitech M171 Wireless Mouse is a standard mouse which has a sleek ambidextrous design and a favorable grip. Both the Logitech products have a long-lasting battery and since they are portable they can be carried around in the laptop bag easily. Both the devices have a universal compatibility which means you need not worry about the connectivity of these products if you have a MacBook, Lenovo Desktop or any other laptop or PC.

These Logitech devices are easy to setup and use. The Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo will be available for sale from May 2, 2016, at Rs. 1995.