Home News Logitech launches new performance-oriented premium MX Anywhere 3 mice in India

Logitech launches new performance-oriented premium MX Anywhere 3 mice in India

Logitech today announced the launch of a new range of wireless computer mice, the MX Anywhere 3 and MX Anywhere 3 for MAC, which the company said has been designed exclusively to aid the creators, developers, or those who look for performance, portability, and comfort from their pointing device.

Logitech said the new range of low-profile mice is designed to track on virtually any surface, which includes even glass as well. This has been possible owing to the use of the next-generation MagSpeed wheel which enables the MX Anywhere 3 mouse to scroll quietly a max of 1,000 lines in a second.

That apart, the mouse is also able to auto-shift between ratchet and hyper-fast mode, something that allows for the highest levels of precision possible in a compact mouse. This way, users need not worry about the surface their mouse is going to be functional on, thereby allowing them to focus entirely on the job at hand.

Another unique quality of the MX Anywhere 3 is its wireless range, capable as it is to connect wirelessly up to even 10 meters, which should be more than enough for most practical purposes. This assumes significance in an office environment, such as when making a presentation and the user can control the entire thing without having to stick around the display.

Battery life also happens to be a huge positive with the mouse given its ability to sustain operations for up to 70 days before requiring a recharge. Also, with a USB-C port onboard, energy refills are going to be quicker than ever. Logitech said just a minute of charging time will be enough to last three hours.

The MX Anywhere 3 is also able to connect up to three devices simultaneously via either Bluetooth or the Unifying USB dongle that the mouse comes bundled with. Switching between them is a breeze and can be accomplished with just the tap of a button. Besides, you also have the option to customize the MX Anywhere 3 to suit specific work requirements.

This way, you can derive the maximum performance with predefined profiles that applies to each app. Pairing the MX Anywhere 3 with MX Keys is what the company describes as the ideal setup and takes performance and efficiency to an altogether new level. As for its compatibility, the MX Anywhere 3 supports Windows, macOS, iPadOS, ChromeOS, and Linux.

Coming to price, the MX Anywhere 3 as well as the MZ Anywhere 3 for Mac is priced at Rs. 7,995. Both are available in pale gray while the MX Anywhere 3 comes in additional shades of rose and graphite. Both the mice variants are on sale at Amazon.in.