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Linode is tripling its cloud data center capacity in India to match demand in the region

Linode, known the world over for being the largest independent cloud computing infrastructure provider has announced it is looking to expand its data center business in Mumbai, India. The company is in fact aiming for a 200 percent increase in capacity expansion in the country. This, the company hopes will help maintain its growth momentum which centers around new customer acquisitions as well as power the launch of new services through 2023.

Linode has earlier seen its business grow exponentially during the pandemic where customer growth has hit new records. That has been due to an explosive growth in demand for core computing and storage infrastructure services. That apart, demand for new services such as managed Kubernetes and GPU instances too has been on the rise. All of this resulted in the company’s additional capacity getting filled up in record time, almost less than half the time it has earlier speculated.

The rise in demand for cloud infrastructure has already been on the rise around the world though the same has been particularly strong in this part of the world. As Gartner, well-known market research and advisory firm summed up, the end-user spending on public cloud services in India is expected to reach US$4.4 billion in 2021. This will make for a 31.4 percent growth over the same in 2020.

All of this makes India the second largest and the fastest-growing cloud services market in South Asia that is second only to China in the region. However, Linode has been growing at an even faster pace than this, something that the company’s Vice President of Cloud Experience, Blair Lyon, attributed to the remarkable resilience shown by the entrepreneurs, SMEs and large companies in the country.

Further, Linode has a state-of-the-art facility in Mumbai that utilizes the latest server setup as well as the Next Generation Network (NGN) that connects to the company’s global fiber backbone. This ensures reduced latency which boosts performance as well as maintain data sovereignty since the workload is running closer to the home.

Apart from these, another reason Linode has emerged as a top cloud service provider is its ability to provide its service at affordable rates which matches the same elsewhere in the world. A relatively low rate and transparent pricing policy have helped Linode grow exponentially in the region.