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Lenovo OnDemand platform integrates its online and offline stores, aids in contactless shopping

Chinese technology major Lenovo launched its omnichannel platform Lenovo OnDemand (LOD) which provides a means for customers to buy its products in a contactless manner. In reality, LOD serves as a unified platform that amalgamates the around 500 Lenovo Exclusive Stores across India with Lenovo.com.

Such an arrangement, Lenovo claims, will provide buyers with a hyperlocal experience as the buyers will get to know what the stores in the given locality have on offer. This way, buyers will be able to tap into the offline store inventory as well via the online platform. This would be available 24/7 and customers will have the option to have the product delivered right to their homes or they will have the option to physically pick it up from the store.

Lenovo said this will have the twin benefits of ensuring social distancing as there will be fewer customers thronging the store. People will also have the chance to buy the devices they need without having to leave their homes. The stores too will have the opportunity to deal with customers online which will let them be better equipped in the future to deal with online sales programs.

Also, it just isn’t a means for the offline stores to get linked up with the Lenovo online stores. Rather, the company said there has been extensive planning that has preceded the launch of the LOD platform. A dedicated training team has trained the staff to make the most of the LOD system. All of it also includes a new Retail POD system that would show inventory situations in real-time so that retail partners have it easy to manage their stocks.

On the whole, the LOD system will serve as the best of online or offline shopping as buyers will get to reach out to the retail stores in their locality via online means. The system can also be considered as opening up a new avenue for doing business for offline stores. The system will initially be launched in Bengaluru, Chennai, and Mumbai before it is rolled out in the rest of the country.