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Kone India installs the world’s largest elevator at the Jio World Centre in Mumbai

The Jio World Centre now hosts the world’s largest elevator. The spacious elevator measures a record-breaking 25.78 sq. meters which is as big as a small flat in Mumbai. The Finnish company Kone that designed the elevator said it weighs an equally massive 16-tonnes and is operated by 18 pulleys. Further, there are nine ropes in place to ensure safety. The elevator is also supported by a structural shaft with the entire thing moving on rails that are fixed to steel columns. All of this ensures the safety and security of the highest order.

Further, it is the KONE EcosDisk® MX100 Heavy duty that is responsible for hosting which the company said not only makes the elevator powerful and durable but is energy efficient as well. Also, there is the KONE E-Link facility management tool that is also at work that allows for remote monitoring of the elevator. Kone also said the 5-stop elevator has been designed and tested to allow for the most optimum and advanced people flow solution.

The elevator is also unique in that it features a 4-panel center opening door while the glass walls all around offer a scenic view of the surroundings. The lift also includes a pair of info screens as well that offer the latest updates and other related news. The interior also comes with a lotus design in the roof which is in line with the central design theme of the Jio World Centre décor.

Kone has been operating in India since 1984 and has emerged as one of the biggest elevator companies in the country over time. It has been providing smart elevators to cater to the growing Indian cities via the over 50 branches the company has in the country.