Home News Kia Motors to launch its India bound SUV at Auto Expo 2018

Kia Motors to launch its India bound SUV at Auto Expo 2018

Kia Motors India has confirmed they would be starting off with their Indian innings at the upcoming Auto Expo 2018. Now the company has also announced they would also be showing off a concept SUV codenamed SP Concept during the mega event.

The South Korean firm also made it known they have taken cues from Indian heritage while designing the new SUV, which can also be seen as an early indication of the SUV making it to the Indian market sometime soon.

The company is however careful not to reveal details of the new SUV though it did mention it would boats of cutting edge design duly complemented with advanced features and sophisticated style. The new car will also have top-notch functionality in an SUV form, which likely points to its SUV tagline being not just about looks but also about the ability to take on the rough with ease.

The teaser images released does not give away many details either though from what seems evident, it is going to seat 5 and would likely compete in the same segment as the Hyundai Creta. The SUV will also sport all LED light at the front and back while there also is a row of LED lights to be seen at the roof as well.

“We aim to set a new standard in the Indian auto industry by providing consumers with world-class products and services while engaging with and giving back to the local community,” said Han-Woo Park, President of Kia Motors Corporation.

The SUV happens to be one of the fastest growing segments in the world, with small SUVs in particular showing robust growth. The same applies to the Indian car market as well which explains a new found rush among car makers to launch suitable offerings in this segment.

Electric and hybrid cars happen to be another craze currently gripping the car industry. And in line with other companies keen to show off their electric vehicle range for the country, Kia too has announced they will have several electric and hybrid cars to show off during the event. In fact, the company has promised to showcase no less than 16 of its best known global models during the auto event.

The SP Concept will be built at the company’s 536-acre plant at Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. Chances are that the SUV will reach market by end-2019, AutoCar reported.

The Auto Expo is slated to kick off on Feb. 7.