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Jison iPhone X and iPad Pro Case Review

A good case or case for device can be a real-life saver at times, but it should be both functional and good looking. So, we embarked on a quest to find the best cases for your products. Here we have the case for iPhone X and the iPad Pro 10.5 inch with us, from a company called Jison.

Here’s our review of the Jison Cases.

These cases are made out of leather and provide an overall good feel. Now Apple has laid down some guidelines for case makers to follow, such as the buttons should not be restricted in any way, or the case should not alter the design language of the product, to name a few.

iPhone X Case Review

The Jison case follows Apple’s general guidelines, pretty well. The cases are contoured and fitted at the right amount and having a snug fit, which is very important for shock absorption in case of a fall. The case is thin and light for the most part, so it won’t add bulk to the smartphone or the iPad. The choice of the material makes the cases look posh and elegant. The color also gets Browne points, since being a dark beige shade, you might not see scratches or scuffs on the surface.

Jison case 6

Talking about the buttons, Jison has added button protectors which are fused inside the leather frame, in order to protect the buttons from wear and tear. The only area exposed other than the Alert Slider is the bottom edge containing the lightning connector and speaker grill. The case protrudes an mm or two to preserve the camera lens on the back as well.

For the iPhone X case there’s a bunch of color options ranging from Blue, Black, Brown to Red, so there’s something for everyone’s taste.

iPad Pro 10.5″ Case Review

Coming to the iPad case, the material choice here is also the same as the one used on the iPhone X case. There is also an addition of a flap for the screen, now this is a smart magnetic cover meaning that as soon as you put it on, the display goes to sleep and vice versa. The magnetic cover also acts as a stand by folding at different angles. A pocket for the Apple Pencil is mounted to this flap, for easy access. Apart from this, there are usual cutouts on top and bottom for the stereo speakers and the rear camera.

jison ipad

The Jison case for the iPad Pro 10.5 inch is available in just two shades, “Black” and “Brown”.

Jison Case Pricing

  • iPhone X case: $23.99 (Rs. 1,648) (shipping extra) Buy Link.
  • iPad Pro 10.5 case: $27.69 (Rs. 1,900) (shipping extra) Buy Link.


  • Decent Design
  • Right cutouts
  • Good material


  • Issues with India availability

Verdict – Should you go for it?

Overall, we liked both the cases, as they provide a very snug fit and protection against drops. The cutouts are positioned accurately. Features like smart magnetic cover in the case of the iPad are just cherry on top. There are some issues with the availability but hopefully they will be fixed.

In all we totally recommend the Jison cases to people in the market looking for quality Leather cases for their Apple devices.