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Jason Schreier’s Next Book Exposes the Turbulent Saga of Blizzard Entertainment

Jason Schreier, renowned for his investigative journalism in the gaming world, is set to release a new book titled “PLAY NICE: The Rise, Fall, and Future of Blizzard Entertainment.” This comprehensive work promises an in-depth look into Blizzard Entertainment’s storied history, chronicling its evolution over 33 years from a promising startup founded by two UCLA students to a gaming empire facing monumental challenges.

Key Highlights:

  • The book will explore the complete history of Blizzard, including the rise of iconic games like World of Warcraft.
  • It will delve into the Activision takeover, detailing its impact on Blizzard’s culture and operations.
  • The sexual misconduct scandal that rocked the company will be covered, providing insights into its ramifications.
  • Schreier conducted over 350 interviews to provide a detailed account of Blizzard’s journey.
  • “PLAY NICE” is set to release on October 8, with pre-orders already available.


Jason Schreier’s “PLAY NICE” is not just a recounting of Blizzard Entertainment’s history but a critical examination of its pivotal moments. Schreier, known for his ability to uncover stories others can’t, has become a trusted voice for employees wishing to share their experiences of misconduct within the company. This book promises to offer not only a historical overview but also an insightful analysis of the events that led to Blizzard’s current state, including the $69 million acquisition that marks the latest chapter in the company’s saga.

A Deep Dive into Blizzard’s Legacy

The book aims to provide readers with a nuanced understanding of Blizzard’s impact on the gaming industry, its internal struggles, and the external pressures that shaped its decisions. From the inception of groundbreaking titles that defined genres to the internal controversies that threatened to undermine the company’s success, Schreier’s narrative is expected to be both comprehensive and engaging.

The Importance of Investigative Journalism in Gaming

Jason Schreier’s work underscores the critical role of investigative journalism in the gaming industry. By offering an unfiltered look into the operations of one of gaming’s most influential companies, “PLAY NICE” will contribute to the ongoing discussion about corporate culture, accountability, and the future of game development.


“PLAY NICE: The Rise, Fall, and Future of Blizzard Entertainment” by Jason Schreier is poised to be a seminal work on one of the gaming industry’s most fascinating companies. Through extensive research and interviews, Schreier aims to provide an exhaustive look at Blizzard’s history, from its highest highs to its lowest lows, offering readers a unique insight into the company’s impact on gaming and its struggles within the ever-evolving industry landscape.