Home News ISRO to use space tech to build India’s first hybrid car

ISRO to use space tech to build India’s first hybrid car

Recently ISRO developed a high energy lithium ion battery that will be primarily used in spacecrafts. Now it has also revealed that the technology can also be transferred to the automobile industry. That’s right India is all set to have its own hybrid car.

A report by India Today said that the technology was demonstrated on Maruti Omni.

The solar lithium ion panel is powerful enough not only run the car but also control the electronics. The road transport department is said to have requested ISRO to share the technology, so that they can use it to work towards energy efficient transport in the country.

ISRO has time and again demonstrated its supreme prowess in space technology, but this opens up a completely new line of possibilities. Such a technology will definitely make the Indian automobile industry one of the most advanced in the world.

However, as is the case with most hybrid vehicles around the world, there is a problem of price efficiency. It is even more important in a market like India to keep the vehicle pocket friendly. The country’s automobile industry almost solely survives on mid and low-budget cars.

In light of this it is upon ISRO, the transport department and the local companies to work on it and give us a much awaited hybrid car that goes easy on the pockets.