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iPhone 7 home button has a virtual button underneath for cases when actual one fails

Apple has integrated a temporary onscreen home button on the display, which will probably work in case the physical home button fails. There will be instances where the physical home button fails. In such a situation, you can make use of the button embedded on the display. It seems that the Cupertino-based giant is secretly testing this new feature in iPhone 7 without informing users.

Recently, a MacRumor member had spotted the new feature and shared an image of it. This is because his haptic feedback started to malfunction while his iPhone 7 was charging as usual.

onscreen home button

Interestingly, the iPhone 7 automatically detected the problem and a new pop-up message with the title “The Home Button May Need Service’. Hence, the concerned user was able to make use of the temporary on-screen Home button. This will help users to work on the phone till the iPhone 7 goes to repair.

Apple anticipated the problem well in advance

It’s interesting to note that Apple has smartly anticipated the probable exception issues and integrated the button on the display as a temporary measure. If you look at the background, Apple has integrated the feature in iOS 10 that automatically generates warning messages when the home button fails to work. You will be able to work with the phone till you take it to a nearest Apple service center.

According to Apple enthusiasts, most of the haptic feedback related problems attached to the Home button can be fixed by doing a hard reset of the iPhone.

We expect Apple is secretly testing the onscreen home button feature in iPhone 7. There are rumors that Apple iPhone 8 will ditch the physical home button since Apple is planning something bigger next year as part of the 10th anniversary.

The new Home button integrated on the recently released iPhone 7 reacts to pressure. It emits vibrating feedback to give the illusion of a physical press. Although the gadget freaks reacted to the new feature in a mixed fashion, the company had predicted possible problems which might erupt during the usage.