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iPhone 15 Pro Max Users Report Display Burn-In Issues: What You Need to Know

Just a month after the launch of the iPhone 15 series, some iPhone 15 Pro Max users have raised concerns about burn-in issues on their device displays. This problem, which was once primarily associated with old CRT screens, has made a comeback with OLED displays, which the iPhone 15 Pro Max uses.

Key Highlights:

  • Burn-in issues reported by iPhone 15 Pro Max users on various platforms.
  • OLED displays, known for vibrant colors and deep blacks, are also susceptible to burn-in.
  • Apple’s service data suggests this year’s burn-in reports are not significantly higher than previous years.
  • Users are advised to report any issues directly to Apple for resolution.

Burn-In on OLED Displays:

Burn-in on screens refers to the phenomenon where static images remain faintly visible on the display even after they should have disappeared. This typically happens when the same image is displayed for an extended period, especially at high brightness levels. OLED displays, while offering better contrast and colors than their LCD counterparts, are known to be more susceptible to this issue.

User Reports and Apple’s Response:

Many users have taken to online platforms, including Reddit and Apple’s support forums, to discuss and report the burn-in they’ve experienced on their iPhone 15 Pro Max devices. However, it’s worth noting that the problem doesn’t seem to be widespread. AppleInsider, a reputable source for Apple news, has been tracking such reports and suggests that the number of burn-in complaints this year is not significantly higher than in previous years.

What Causes Burn-In?

Burn-in typically occurs when static images or on-screen elements are displayed uninterrupted for extended periods, often with the screen brightness set to high levels. For instance, OLED manufacturer LG has mentioned that it’s possible to induce image retention on almost any display if one tries hard enough.

Is Your iPhone 15 Pro Max Affected?

If you own an iPhone 15 Pro Max and notice signs of burn-in on your display, the best course of action is to get in touch with Apple directly. Social media reports and complaints might raise awareness, but for a resolution, it’s essential to have the issue documented with Apple’s service chain.


The iPhone 15 Pro Max, one of Apple’s latest flagship devices, has come under scrutiny as some users report burn-in issues on its OLED display. While the problem is not widespread, it has caused concern among the user community. AppleInsider’s data suggests that the number of such complaints is not unusually high compared to previous years. Users experiencing this issue are advised to contact Apple directly for potential resolutions.