Home News Indus App Bazaar introduces ‘Covid-19 resources’ to tide over the pandemic

Indus App Bazaar introduces ‘Covid-19 resources’ to tide over the pandemic

Indus App Bazaar, one of India’s leading app content discovery platforms has come up with a special category of featured apps which it has named COVID-19 Resources. This will serve as a one-stop solution to take care of all our needs as we take on the common enemy, that is the coronavirus. Among the apps that have been included in the COVID-19 resources section includes 1 mg, Practo, BigBasket, Country Delight, Bajaj Finserv Health, and Paytm, and so on.

This makes for a complete solution, from medicines, household essentials, finances that one might need. With all such apps assorted in a single location, users will have less to worry about searching for the individual apps. The company said they stuck to the requirements around health, finance, and essentials that one needs the most.

With the specially curated app, people won’t have to step out of their homes. Rather, all of what is needed can be delivered right to their homes, while payment too can be made via digital means to allow for a true contact-less payment scheme.

As for the Indus App Bazaar, the company plays host to more than 400,000 apps. Also, given our multilingual background, the apps are in English as well as a dozen other Indian languages. Those include Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Tamil, and Bengali, among others. The apps also address the ‘Made in India’ and ‘Vocal for Local’ mantra which includes taking care of the demands of India via local means and solutions.