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Huawei making another Nexus smartphone this year, confirms exec

According to a Yahoo News report published on June 3, 3016, Huawei is making another Nexus smartphone this year.

Rumour mills have been doing around about the Nexus devices coming this year, and now we have learned that Huawei will again be manufacturing a Nexus smartphone for Google this year.

The news was confirmed by the general manager for Huawei’s Consumer Business Group Charlene Munilall in South Africa who said at the launch event that they are doing the Nexus again.

In an interview with GearBurn, the Huawei executive Munilall stated, “The Nexus device is a very niche product loved by techies around the world. But the buyers of the instrument are minuscule in number. We’re doing the Nexus again this year, by the way.”

The statement has come at a time when there is no announcement by Google of the next Nexus hardware. But it is sure that Google would be launching another device this year.

If the reports are considered to be true then the next Nexus device, which is manufactured by Huawei, will have come with Daydream capabilities, as remarked by Huawei director Richard Yu in an interview. Recalling the Daydream, then it’s a Google’s home for virtual reality. The platform will come with Android N, and will allow high-end smartphone users to view redesigned content tailored for VR headsets.

The new Nexus would be the second Google device manufactured by Huawei. The first was the Nexus 6P launched last year that received critical acclaims for the design and form factor. The device is the best Android device till date. No doubt Google is choosing Huawei again for another device this year.

According to what we have learned, this will not be the only Nexus device to come out this year. Google is planning to add around three Nexus device this year, with other two manufactured by HTC.