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HP Elite X3 Windows Phone price, release date in India announced

The HP Elite X3 finally seems to be getting readied for a market onslaught towards end-July, which going by recent reports will be a grand affair both in its scale and price.

From what seems evident, the Elite X3 will launch in 47 countries worldwide including India. The information to this effect was hidden deep in the company’s product documentation and has since been confirmed by HP.

There are also some pointers as to what the Windows 10 mobile will cost as well. For instance, HP did confirm the Elite X3 will set one back $699 in the US and 699 EUR in Europe, both applicable to the unlocked 64 GB version of the handset. What that means is that there could be some relaxations on the price front once carrier support comes into the picture.

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On offer will be both the single SIM and dual SIM versions of the handset depending on the market. There is going to be a bundle deal as well with a high-end headset and HP Elite x3 Desk Dock accompanying the mobile all of which priced at $799. However, the bundle deal won’t be ready before Aug 29.

That is not all as there is going to be another bundle offer that would include the HP Elite x3, HP Elite x3 Desk Dock, and HP Elite x3 Lap Dock. However, no pricing or availability details for this are known at the moment. HP is banking on the associated hardware such as the Lap Dock and Desk Dock to achieve better penetration in the enterprise segment, which is what the device is primarily aimed at.

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Worth mentioning, the Desk Dock is a docking station needed to invoke the Continuum feature but comes with several added features. Those include several USB ports, Ethernet port as well as a Kensington Security Slot. As is already known, Continuum allows a Windows 10 mobile to function as a full-fledged desktop when connected to an external display, a keyboard, and mouse.

Similarly, the Lap Dock is an Ultrabook of sorts except that it lacks any processing or storage capability of its own. Instead, it is the Elite X3 handset that would be providing for these, thereby making for a nice companion device to the Elite X3.