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HDFC Bank App for Windows Phones update gets two new features: SmartBuy & Chillr

HDFC Bank App for Windows Phone

The latest update for Windows Phone apps come in the form of updated HDFC Bank app for Windows Phones. HDFC is a leading private banking institution in India that offers a wide range of personal banking services including savings and current accounts, credit cards, loans, etc. The app specially designed for Windows Phones has added support for Chillr and SmartBuy in its latest update.

Of the two, SmartBuy is a service that offers great deals in one place. The app user can compare and book flight tickets, hotels, shop online, or buy music and experience one click payments.

It advertises offers extended by Merchants to HDFC Bank’s customers, merely facilitating the payment by its customers by providing the Payment Gateway Services.

On the other hand, Chillr is directly linked to the customer’s bank account and requires no password but M-Pin, which only the customer will be aware of.

It was initially incubated by MobME, a Kochi-based technology firm, however, it was later spun off as an independent entity in December 2014.

Chillr allows you to send or receive money with anyone in your contact list without requiring you to know their account number, IFSC code, etc. or wait for OTP SMS.

The firm claims your money remains 100% safe as it is with your bank and not in a virtual wallet. Moreover, each transaction is protected by your secret M-PIN given to you by your bank and does not charge any fee.

It is important to mention here that the addition of support to HDFC bank app for both of these services doesn’t necessarily improve the actual banking functionality of the app but does add a range of options available before customers to make their banking experience easier.