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Have you lost money to online fraudsters? Airtel Safe Pay can protect you

Imagine your plight when you order a pizza or dry fruits online and end up losing your hard-earned money to a cyber-fraudster. This is not an imaginary tale to make you understand the seriousness of such a situation, but a true story of a woman from a leading metro city, who lost Rs 11.78 lakh while trying to recover the money she had been duped off while ordering pizza and dry fruits online.

Banking has metamorphosed into a completely digital experience today. While handling your bank account has become much easier and faster, it has also increased the associated risk to some extent. It is extremely important to avoid getting caught in honeytraps set by online fraudsters. Banks have been quick to recognize the need for safe payments to protect customers from losing their money.

Remember, it is in your hands to play safe

Recovering money lost online is a herculean task and so, it is better to be safe and take necessary precautions. The most important thing to bear in mind while transacting online is to avoid fall prey to lures build by fraudsters. Remember there is no such thing as a free lunch. Here opting multi factor authentication helps in mitigating the risk.

Features like Airtel Safe Pay from Airtel Payments Bank play a vital role by ensuring that the control is always in the hand of the users and no money leaves your account without your consent. This feature leverages the strength of network intelligence to provide a third layer of payment validation. Only when you approve the transaction on this message, the payment gets processed. Airtel Safe Pay uses OTA (over the air) technology to ensure this.

How Airtel Safe Pay works

Airtel Safe Pay is free of charge and can be activated using the Airtel Thanks app. Once activated, Airtel Safe Pay will push one more payment validation message after the customer has entered the OTP or mPIN to process the payment.

Who can use Airtel Safe Pay?

Any customer who has an Airtel Payments Bank account linked with Airtel mobile number can choose to enable Airtel Safe Pay.  Airtel Safe Pay provides protection when customers are making UPI or net banking-based payments.