Home News Haier Launches ‘The Future of Entertainment’ with K800GT Google TV Series

Haier Launches ‘The Future of Entertainment’ with K800GT Google TV Series

Haier Launches ‘The Future of Entertainment’ with K800GT Google TV Series

Haier Appliances India (Haier India), the global leader in Home Appliances and the World’s Number 1 brand in Major Appliances for 14 Consecutive Years* today launched the K800GT Google TV Series, delivering an unparalleled entertainment experience with next-gen technologies like 4K UHD resolution, Google Assistant, and Dolby Audio.

Elevating the viewing experience further, the K800GT LED series is an addition to the existing Haier Google TV series with cutting-edge Motion estimation and Motion compensation Technology (MEMC) technology, which ingeniously inserts extra frames between the original frames, resulting in astonishingly smooth content and vibrant transitions. The K800GT Google TV series is available in a range of screen sizes including 65, 55, 50, 43UHD, and 43FHD/32 inches.

The K800GT Google TV Series sets a new benchmark for visual excellence, offering viewers the opportunity to immerse themselves in ultra-clarity and lifelike detail. With its 4K UHD resolution, the series ensures that every scene comes to life with remarkable precision, vivid colors, and stunning contrast. Whether it’s watching your favorite movies, streaming content, or gaming, the K800GT Google TV Series offers an unparalleled level of clarity that enhances every aspect of your entertainment.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Satish NS, President, Haier Appliances India said, “We are extremely excited with the launch of the new range of 4K UHD Google TVs. The breakthrough series of TVs is an addition to Haier’s innovative Google TV series. The K800GT Google TV Series is set to revolutionise the viewing habits of the Indian consumers, who are willing to invest in future-ready appliances. Staying true to our philosophy of ‘Inspired Living’, the newly launched range has industry leading features and a modern design, suited to our customers.”  He further added, “This launch comes at a time when India is gearing up for the festive season and customers are enthusiastic to celebrate with full fervour. We are expecting our range of LED 4K UHD Google TVs to grab eyeballs and become a perfect fit at every home.”

Haier Google TV with Google Assistant 

With Haier’s new Google TV users can now find their favorite movie more quickly with its tailored recommendation, jump from one app to another smoothly with Google’s Fast UI. It is also packed with Google Assistant, with the help of simple voice command of users can select desired content to watch, select a platform, and effortlessly relish the chosen content.

Picture perfection with 4K

The new 4K UHD series is designed to deliver exceptionally realistic pictures with 3840X 2160 pixels. High Dynamic Range of HDR10. It comes power-packed with MEMC. The 4K Google TV is faster and smoother, and every frame is super crisp. It’s the ultimate TV for your movie-watching, game-playing life.

Unmatched Sound Quality 

With the new 4KUHD Google TV, consumers can experience the premium Dolby Audio sound quality with from the comfort of their homes. The Google TV highlights the perfect sound quality with 24-Watt stereo speakers.

Pristine Design

The bezel-less all-screen display comes with a slim, stylish, and exquisite look. The new TV design is harmonious with today’s contemporary modern household aesthetics that blend with the interiors. The reinvented TV design by Haier ensures an even more immersive viewing experience while adding a dash of style and finesse to homes.

Enhanced Data Transfer Capacity

HDMI 2.1 achieves an impressive 4K resolution at 144 frames and incorporates eARC, offering a remarkable bandwidth throughput of 48 Gb per second in 12-bit precision. Primarily targeted towards avid gamers embracing the next-generation console or graphics card wave, HDMI 2.1 caters to the advanced needs of these enthusiasts. Notably, both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 endorse 4K resolution while Gaming, the inclusion of the eARC function within HDMI 2.1 ensures the provision of high-fidelity audio output capabilities.

Seamlessly link various devices via Bluetooth 5.1

Instantly connect phone, tablet, or laptop to the television. Utilizing built-in Chromecast, users have the ability to effortlessly cast preferred movies, shows, applications, games, and more directly onto your TV screen.

Other Features

The Google TV has a capacity of CPU:ARM Advanced Multi-Core Cortex CA55, GPU:ARM Advanced Multi-Core Mali G52 with a memory of 2GB + 32GB Flash. The Connectivity features Wi-Fi, Chromecast, Bluetooth 5.1, HDMI 2.1, USB 2.0.

Price and availability

  • Haier K800GT Google TV, available pan India at a starting price 16990 INR
  • Available on Haier ecommerce store and other retail outlets