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Hackers selling 117 million LinkedIn stolen passwords in black market

It was informed by the LinkedIn authorities that the hacker attack of four years ago was worse than they thought it to be. The news back then reported 6.7 million lost password where further investigation proved that the number is 117 million and this figure is revealed after four years.

On Wednesday the authorities confessed to know about the actual count of stolen log in credentials and that they are sold in black market by the hackers.

Anyone using LinkedIn is advised to change their passwords as soon as possible and use the two layer authentication where every log in from a new computer will ask for a text message delivered to your mobile.

This massive news pulls some embarrassing history of the company. As informed by the sources, when the data breach happened the company wasn’t protecting the passwords by encrypting them but they hadn’t included the pivotal layer whose purpose is to make the jumble texts decode harder.

Now it is trying to stop people from selling the data online but that seems completely unreasonable. They are deactivating all those log n credentials of users that weren’t updated after that mishap.

The total number of users are 433 million out of which a quarter was affected due to that breach and the company is trying to reach to them individually to work on the security thing.

It is shocking to see the amount of time it took to have complete information of that event and the obvious question has arisen that why it took them so much time.

The authorities happened to reach for the conventional line of taking steps for better security although some leading security officer pointed out the time span it took for make the news public.

The hackers are selling them on the black market famous as “The Real Deal” and the responsible agency is trying to seal those deals in order to keep their customers’ assets safe.