Home News Greg Knauss launches Romantimatic to woo your partner this Valentine

Greg Knauss launches Romantimatic to woo your partner this Valentine

Being loved by someone is the most wonderful feeling. But merely loving the person is not enough until one expresses it now and then. With the latest valentine romantic application, one can automatically send texts and set reminders, which will poke you at intervals to call or message your beloved. Credit for the development of this amazing time saving app goes to Greg Knauss – a software and web developer.

The app, which is named as Romantimatic is compatible with iOS platform. Unfortunately, it is not yet available on Android, but likely to come soon. (Hopefully, before 14 of this month).

Sources reveals that Knauss’s 18-year-old married life gave him the idea for the development of this wonderful romantic application. He further added that he often forget to wish his wife and say some sweet loving words because of his busy schedule, and that always upsets her. Now we don’t think “he” or “she” would ever complain about their partner’s inexpressive behavior.


The application is quite simple to use. You can simply download it from Internet and feed your partner’s contact number and set the alarm reminder. It further features by sending automatic romantic messages or pokes you to call or text. The application also contains several pre-loaded romantic messages like, “Totally swamped, but can’t get you out off my mind”, “Heading into a meeting, but wanted to tell that I’m thinking about you”.

Enjoy this Valentine and Woo your partner by texting him / her at regular intervals, and don’t forget to make them feel special this Valentine’s day.