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Google Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to take the driver’s seat soon: Daydream 2.0 coming soon

Google has made it very clear at the I/O 2017 that it has grand plans with its Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology. Unlike Facebook, Google plans to get VR to ease into regular activities like teaching.

Later the company also announced the arrival of its AR technology. The Asus Zenfone AR is meant to arrive later this year. There’s also going to be a new experience available on the AR platform consisting of a large virtual forest with a personal growing tree.

What made the AR talk so special is the concept of a shared AR. Soon multiple people will be able to sit in a common AR space. Google has also started a program called Expedition Pioneers Program to allow developers to create AR lessons for students.

Teachers can now place students in an augmented reality environment through multiple devices for an interactive learning.

Google also emphasised on its VR project Daydream 2.0, also codenamed Euphrates. It will be made available on select flagship smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG’s next flagship.

It is already known that Google is in the process of coming up with headsets in collaboration with HTC and Lenovo.

Just like its AR platform, the idea of a shared experience also applies to Daydream. This means that the user will be able to share his/her VR experience from his/her headset with others through a compatible Smart TV. They will also be able to take screenshots and share it on social media.

YouTube will also come into the game soon, as Google plans to bring out a VR version of its mobile app. Virtual spaceships can be enjoyed with friends’ avatars at the same time. This seems an awful lot similar to Facebook Spaces.

The VR and AR game seems to be the future in the tech world and Google has made its intentions very clear just like Facebook.