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Google said to be working on a new Nest Hub with a detachable tablet

Google has been investing a good chunk of their resources into the Google Assistant ecosystem, now as per a recent claim from 9to5Google, Google is working on a successor to the Nest Hub with something like a detachable tablet.

This new Nest Hub will be a tablet that can be docked to a smart home device. There is not much about this, so we can speculate that the base might be used as a speaker that charges the device. This could be attribted to the work Google has done on Android 12L which has been made with tablets and foldables kept in mind. But we can’t be certain about the device running Android 12L.

Google may opt for a different OS, as past rumors have pointed towards the existence of a Linux-based operating system called Fuchsia OS. We could see these detacthable devices powered by the Fuchsia OS which Google plans to add onto their future devices.

It will be interesting to see, how Google takes this project forward, given the OS choices the brand has at their disposal. This new approach to add a detachable accessory product could do wonders and drive up the sales or this could prove to be yet another Google product that the brand will kill with a couple of quarters.