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Google remembers father of modern WiFi Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose on his 158th birthday

The digital world, the cell phones, wireless communication and Wi-Fi which have become synonymous with the life of an ordinary man, will not have been possible without the contribution made by Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose. It was his 158th birthday on November 30 and Google celebrated it with a doodle. He was a true humanist, one fully committed to the belief that science should be utilized for the benefit of humankind and not for narrow commercial gains. He therefore never patented his work and revealed everything about his research for use by others.

Jagadish Chandra Bose contributions

There has been some controversy about his works about wireless communication. However today it is a common scientific fact that Sir JC Bose had made crucial contributions towards the field of wireless communication which has led to the development of modern day radio. All the modern gizmos like Mobile, Wi-Fi, remote controls would have been redundant if it was not for the work of this little-known genius.

Sir JC Bose had made great progress in the field of wireless communication and was the first to use crystal radio detector, waveguide, horn antenna, and other apparatus used at microwave frequencies. Even though Guglielmo Marconi is commonly regarded as the inventor of modern-day the radio, Bose had demonstrated electromagnetic wave communications a couple of years earlier. Marconi has acknowledged the significance of Bose’s work in his writing. However, Marconi is recognized as the inventor of wireless since he successfully demonstrated transatlantic radio communication in 1901

Bose had no interest in the commercial use of telegraphy and encouraged others to make use of his invention. While Bose had already made substantial progress in the field of Microwave communication, Marconi was still perfecting it and was trying to market it in the British post office. However, he still has a few patents in his name, and it included solid state diode to receive electromagnetic waves and microwave components.

Sir JC Bose also contributed a great deal in plant physiology. It is to his credit that science has accepted that plants have sensory perception and animal and plant cells are much akin to one another. He also invented the crescograph which helped agricultural scientists devise better ways of efficient crop cultivation.