Home News Google Messages Adds New AI Chat Feature with Gemini

Google Messages Adds New AI Chat Feature with Gemini

Google Messages Adds New AI Chat Feature with Gemini

Google Messages is revolutionizing the way users interact with AI through its latest update, integrating the Gemini chatbot directly within the app. This new feature aims to simplify user engagement with AI technology, making it more accessible and functional within a familiar messaging environment.

Gemini AI Integration in Google Messages

Google has introduced Gemini, a sophisticated AI chatbot, into Google Messages, allowing users to interact with AI as easily as they would text a friend. The integration offers a seamless experience where users can utilize Gemini to draft messages, brainstorm ideas, plan events, or engage in casual conversations. This feature is designed to function within its own dedicated chat window, ensuring that Gemini interactions remain separate from regular message threads.

Features and Functionality

Gemini in Google Messages functions through Rich Communication Services (RCS), though it’s important to note that these interactions are not end-to-end encrypted. Users are advised to avoid sharing sensitive personal information due to this lack of encryption. The AI chatbot is equipped with capabilities to respond to a variety of prompts, aiding in tasks ranging from simple queries to complex planning​.

Accessibility and Requirements

The feature is currently rolling out in beta and is available to users who meet specific requirements, such as owning a recent Google Pixel or select Samsung devices, having the latest version of Google Messages, and ensuring RCS is enabled. The service supports English, with additional support for French in Canada​.

Privacy Considerations

Google has addressed privacy concerns by ensuring that Gemini operates in a standalone chat that does not interact with other message threads. The AI does not have access to other conversations on the device, and users have control over their data retention settings, choosing between different durations for how long their interactions with Gemini are stored​

Google’s integration of Gemini into Google Messages marks a significant step in making AI interaction more user-friendly and integrated into daily digital communication. This move aligns with Google’s broader strategy to enhance its ecosystem with more intuitive and accessible AI functionalities.


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