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Google launches Solve for India Campaign to help business developers in tier-2 cities

Google has started the campaign initiative known as ‘solve for India’ to empower and support the business startups and developers in the Tier-2 cities of Kolkata, Nagpur, Nashik, Chennai, Jaipur, Kochi, Indore, Madurai, Hyderabad, and Pune. The business owners will get the chance to directly learn more about the Google products from the Google Engineers.

The entrepreneurs will have access to more information about the usage of Google products including the product handling information, how to create mobile solutions using strong offline and language potentials, and other solutions in various sectors of the economy such as the healthcare, education, agri-tech, transportation and others.

The business owners and developers will also have a right to use the Google Launchpad course which will empower them to develop and hasten the product idea generation in the early stages. The Google Launchpad plan is inclusive of a 6-month mentorship initiative together with $50,000 equity-free savings. The Google Company will also offer more than $20,000 cloud credits to the developers and business startups.

The company will utilize its abundant resources and technology know-how in developing products to assist the widely spread classes of entrepreneurs and developers who are in the tier-2 cities. The campaign is geared towards making the Indian entrepreneurs benefit from the available resourceful products and services from the Google Company to enhance their businesses. They will gain knowledge in how to apply and use some technical applications that are offered by the company.

The fall in the mobile data charges has given a massive force to the mobile-Internet providers across the whole country. Google has plans underway to take advantage of the situation to make big business on that by helping the business owners to develop mobile friendly apps in essential sectors of the economy including the transport, sanitation and healthcare segments.

The company expects to make drastic improvements in the country’s economy especially by focusing on the small and medium enterprises which as significant in any nation’s economy. By the end of the campaign period, more than 10,000 entrepreneurs would be empowered with the knowledge of the Google applications.