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Google Allo Review: Messaging app with built-in AI to rival WhatsApp and iMessage

Google Allo has finally released and is now available for download on Android and iOS. The popular leaker Evan Blass aka @evleaks had earlier predicted the release date as September 21. Touted to be a competitor for WhatsApp in the days to come, Google Allo was initially announced alongside the video-focused Duo back at its I/O developer conference. Google had rolled out Allo sharply a month after the launch of the video-oriented mobile app, Google Duo.

Like Duo and WhatsApp, Google Allo is also tied to your mobile number instead of your Google account. While Duo is mainly oriented for the purpose of video chat, Allo is more or less a traditional Instant messaging client.

Similar to that of WhatsApp and iMessage, Google Allo also features a wide range of features like sticker packs. Moreover, Google Allo also offers few unique quirks, which you will learn over the period of time.

The main attraction of Google Allo is its unique capability to instantly answer your questions with the ‘@Google’ command. To chat with your friends, they also need to install Allow on their Android or iOS platform.

Google Allo integrates smart reply feature

The integration of Smart Reply functionality enables you to reply to messages with just a single tap. For instance, if you got a message like “Are you on your way?, you can just select Yes or No. In the same way, if you receive a message with your pet, you will be able to view suggestions like “aww cute”.

Google Allo has the capability to create plans, find information and express messages more easily during a chat conversation. According to Google, the mobile messaging tool will improve over time depending on your usage.

With 25 custom sticker packs created by independent artists and studios around the world, you will be able to express your messages in a unique way.

Working with Google Allo

We at PC-Tablet took Google Allo for a spin. The installation took only five minutes to complete. As soon you open the app, it will prompt you to enter your mobile number.

Interestingly, Google Allo never did an automated SMS verification like WhatsApp. The next step is to capture a selfie, which will be used as your profile image. You can also skip this step and you will be taken to the dashboard. If you select “Send a message”, the app will prompt you to select a friend from the contact.

Alternatively, you can activate Google Assistant by tapping on it from the initial dashboard. You will have to go through a series of instructions by granting the required permissions. Once everything is set, you can tap on the audio icon and ask few questions. The Google Assistant will answer if your questions manage to decipher your language. However, we noticed that Assistant is unable to answer few questions. It also displays additional details in the form of links.

Google Allo is a compelling and intuitive app. The search engine giant has taken serious effort to build it. We found the UI bit easier to read than the competitors like WhatsApp.