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Google adds SOS Alerts feature on Maps and Search for emergencies

Google has rolled out yet another update to the Maps and Google app. This latest update has a new safety feature for Search and Maps that will help users during a time of crisis or emergencies. While searching for calamities or incident of a particular location, now users will see an SOS Alert at the top of search results.

In addition to Search, Google Maps is also packed with SOS feature. A red circle icon added to the map for locating affected area, and an orange coloured ribbon tab at the bottom of the map which displays more elaborate information regarding the crisis. Also, the ribbon tab also displays the information like phone numbers, websites and real time road closures and traffic updates.

Google Maps

Depending upon the real time location feed, users will get the information via SOS notification on the handset which gives information about the crises available in the primary languages of affected areas. Further, it also displays information like,

  • Top stories.
  • Authentic Local information.
  • Maps.
  • Emergency phone numbers.
  • Concern websites.

If users are not in the vicinity of affected areas and still wanted to stay updated on the situation, then they will able to get the SOS alert too. According to the BBC news, Google has already collaborated with government bodies like the Red Cross and various weather-forecasting organisations to help provide SOS Alerts in 12 countries.