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Google 1/O 2016: ‘Allo’ for smart messaging, control with Google ‘Home’ and ‘Assistant’

Google made many new announcements at their I/O 2016. Among them were some on Artificial Intelligence, mostly targeted for use around the home.

Here’s a look at what Google has to offer in the AI space:

Messaging on ‘Allo’-

Google announced its newest chat application called ‘Allo’. It will put the company up against giants like Facebook. The new chat app is intuitive and suggests automatic replies for messages just like Google’s Inbox app.

If you receive a message from your friend that reads ‘Catch-up over lunch this afternoon?’, you will have options like ‘Sure’ or ‘Sorry, I can’t!’ to respond with. The ‘Allo’ app also makes use of image recognition software allowing you to comment on images that you receive automatically.

An incognito mode allows you to keep your privacy by not appearing online to your contacts.

Control with ‘Google Home’-

‘Google Home’ is a wireless speaker and smart appliance hub that lets you stream audio and video content like with Google’s Chromecast, as well as access and control smart appliances around your house.

The smart hub does more than just answer queries. Along with being able to switch the lights on, kids can get help with their homework by asking ‘Google Home’ for answers from Google Search and benefit from the devices ingenuity.

When the family says ‘goodbye’ before leaving the house, the device is also able to re-set the thermostat status to ‘Away’ calibrating the temperature around your home for lower energy consumption.

Preferences with ‘Google Assistant’-

We all know about the ‘Ok Google’ service that let’s you look for information online with your voice, set reminders, make appointments and a lot more.

The ‘Google Assistant’ builds on the same and allows you to look for information with your own preferences. In the demo, Sundar Pichai is seen asking ‘Google Assistant’ to recommend movies around him that he would enjoy, that brought up a list. After mentioning ‘he wanted to bring the kids along’, the app brought up a list of family-entertainment movies available.