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Gamezop partners with Taboola to boost ad revenue and engagement for 45 million users

 Gamezop, one of the world’s leading HTML5 gaming platforms, announced its partnership with New York headquartered Taboola (NASDAQ: TBLA), a global leader in powering recommendations for the open web and helping people discover things they may like.

This strategic partnership will empower Gamezop to harness the power of Taboola’s suite of publisher products to improve ad monetization and engagement for its users. Gamezop, and its recently launched quizzing platform, Quizzop, will help Taboola drive greater advertiser success by expanding its advertising inventory. The gaming giant has a whopping 45 million monthly active users and monetizes with over 300 million ad impressions per month.

Gamezop and Quizzop are plug-and-play platforms that any digital product can integrate to introduce instant gaming for their users. The likes of Amazon, Tata Play, Snapchat, Samsung Internet, and Paytm are amongst the 5,000 products on which Gamezop is powering gaming experiences.

Adam Singolda, CEO at Taboola, said, “Gamezop has solidified its presence as an important gaming destination in India and globally. Their massive audience combined with Taboola’s products ensure that Gamezop has the tools they need to grow even further. Our partnership is demonstrating clear results and we look forward to expanding on their success.”

Yashash Agarwal, CEO at Gamezop, said, “Taboola’s clear and transparent policies, reasoned conduct towards publishers, decisive support, and high regard for privacy and regulatory compliance around the world has made them our monetization partner of choice. Thanks to their global coverage, we are now monetizing our current user base spanning 200 countries better than ever before. Their product cycles are very impressive and foray into header bidding makes things very exciting for us.” 

Taboola’s journey towards building new technologies helps various platforms from all domains to drive reader engagement and stimulate consumers’ interest by discovering the content of their choice.

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