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How to Free Space on Hard Disk and Delete Windows.old Folder in Windows 10

elete Windows.old Folder in Windows 10

Recently, I upgraded my tablet from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Upon discovery, I found the OS retained a copy of the old version of OS (Windows 8.1). Why? Maybe for a simple reason if I plan to revert back the changes and switch back to the old OS, It should be a smooth affair without much hassles. Unfortunately, this precautionary step consumes a sizable amount of memory.

For example, after upgrading to Windows 10, I was left with just 2.53 GB amount of free space. As such, I couldn’t restrain my urge of freeing up some disk space.

Deleting the Windows.old Folder in Windows 10

Normally, when you upgrade from older version of Windows to Windows 10, the software retains a copy of your old operating system in Windows.old folder. However, if you’re happy running Windows 10 and do not wish to roll back, you can delete the folder and in return get at least 15GB of space on your hard drive. So, here’s the procedure how to do it.

Type “Free up disk space” into the Windows search box. –

Click the shortcut for “Free up disk space.

When opened, click OK. Select the proper disk and hit the Clean up system files tab.

Next, click OK again when the drive letter is displayed. The Disk Cleanup window should be visible again.

Check “Previews Windows installation(s)” in the Files to delete box and Click Delete Files when asked to confirm.

Click Yes when prompted to confirm your decision.

That’s it! Once the process is completed in around 30-60 seconds you will find all the unnecessary files from your system have been deleted freeing up a sizable amount of disk space.

The process worked like a charm for me. Hope you experience the same during your upgrade to Windows 10.