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Fascinating Facts Every Gamer Should Know About PUBG Mobile

The most popular game worldwide right now is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on mobile. Millions of people use their smartphones to play PUBG Mobile. Tencent, a burgeoning corporation, has had a significant increase in growth and income during the past few months.

Nearly every smartphone in the world now has PUBG Mobile installed. These days, people talk about games with high-end visuals, the idea of maps, weapons, and voice chat.

The most popular game contains information that most of its players are still unaware of. Today, we’d like to share with you some fascinating facts about the PUBG Mobile every gamer should know about. Let’s have a closer look at the together – below are all the mind-blowing things to consider:

●    Fact #1

In PUBG crates, the virtual bandana is a common item. Many people have purchased the game online for $1,000 because it’s so well-liked. The item now exclusively comes with the pre-order PUBG bundle and appears in PUBG crates.

●    Fact #2

The most gamers playing at once simultaneously in PUBG is a record. The record was broken by Valve Dota 2 and now stands at 1,342,857 players.

●    Fact #3

BlueHole Studios doesn’t utilize any money to promote PUBG. Due to its distinctive UI, the game has gained popularity. According to the data, 55% of PUBG owners also played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

●    Fact #4

The company’s income increased by about 365% after the launch of Royal Pass.

●    Fact #5

Over 30,000 users were banned from PUBG Mobile in a single day, including 12 professional gamers.

●    Fact #6

Ever pondered the purpose of the “Player Unknown” breaks in PUBG? The reason is that Brendan Greene, the company’s founder, used the game identity “Player Unknown.”

●    Fact #7

There are more gamers on PUBG Mobile than on PUBG PC.

Credit: Afif Ramdhasuma/Unsplash

●    Fact #8

Only one mobile game, PUBG Mobile, has shown an advertisement on Indian television.

●    Fact #9

As new players won’t be killed when they first start, the idea of bots was created to maintain their attention for a longer period of time.

●    Fact #10

In comparison to Erangel and Miramar, Sanhok is a minor city. It makes up 1/4 of the other two maps.

●    Fact #11

In the middle of the safe zone, airdrops typically occur.

●    Fact #12

A map in PUBG Mobile called Erangel was given its name by Brendan Greene’s daughter Eryn (Eryn+Angel = Erangel).

●    Fact #13

After traveling 300m, a single KAR 98 bullet descends.

●    Fact #14

The tag name “Pacifist” will be assigned to you if you win a game without eliminating any enemies.

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