Home News Faraday Future FF 91 self-driving electric SUV unveiled at CES 2017

Faraday Future FF 91 self-driving electric SUV unveiled at CES 2017

Faraday Future Flagship electric car FF 91 is finally here. Faraday has said that it is an entirely new species of automobiles. Hope it is not one for species other than humans. Skepticism is not unfounded because the project was dogged by misfortunes, financial mismanagement, construction hiccups and flight of many key brains from the higher echelons of management. It was first showcased at the last CES a full 12 months have elapsed since then.

It is a smart car with ten front and rear cameras supplemented with 13 long and short range radars as well as 12 ultrasonic sensors. So the bottom line is that it has an extensive sensory capabilities and the company boasts no more parking woes. There was a live demonstration of how the car managed to find a parking slot autonomously.

What’s inside Faraday Future FF 91?

As for power, the electric propulsion system is equivalent to a 1,050 HP engine. The car has a 200 kilowatt DC quick-charging capability, with a promise of wireless charging later. The charge can be done with an 110 or 240-volt chargers.

The FF91 boasts one of the biggest batteries and also one of the densest battery packs producing 130KW of energy. If right it can make the Tesla’s highest-performance offering run for cover. The company claims that on one charge, the car can give a mileage of 378 miles.

Other unique features include Bluetooth and facial recognition to unlock the doors and a smart and intelligent propulsion system which continuously but “non-intrusively” learns about the tastes of the user. The car used its external lightings to communicate with pedestrians without the user having to blare horns to warn them. There are rear cameras, so it does away with rear view mirrors and also has dual antennas to connect with Wi-Fi seamlessly. Faraday also claims that its FF 91 is the new holder of the fastest electric vehicle and made 0 to 60 in less than 2.50 seconds. However, this claim has not been independently verified.

The interior of the FF91 was not revealed, and this means that the model is still not ready for mass production which is expected in 2018.