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Facebook now rolling out ads in Messenger app globally

FB Messenger ad

After testing ads for Australia and Thailand, Facebook has finally started rolling out ads for Messanger globally. The beta version of the Messanger will be available to the developers in a couple of days, and the stable one will be rolled out to the ends of this month.

According to the Facebook official website, there are 1.2 billion users currently active with Messanger, and this creates an opportunity for the marketers to expand the reach of their ads campaigns. Advertisers will be able to add Messenger to campaigns using the Traffic and Conversion objectives and leverage existing targeting options.

Salient features of Messenger ads services:

  • Messenger ads – This option is found in the home tab of Messenger. When users tap on an ad, they will be sent to the destination chosen during ads creation. This can be advertiser website or a Messenger conversation.
  • Click to Messenger ads – This option allows users to take the full advantage of personalized nature of messaging by driving people to a conversation after they interact with the ad on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger.
  • Sponsored messages – This option allows businesses to re-engage with people who have started a conversation with them.

FB Messenger ad

This seems to have a great opportunity for the business entities, whose entire sales model is based on the proactive ads campaign. The latest update of Messenger app provides a platform for the marketer to efficiently execute their sales strategy and allows them to interact and conduct commerce with businesses or consumers of particular market domain very quickly. And of course, it also leverages the FB growth too.