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Facebook launches Scrapbook to let you add children to your profile

Facebook has launched a new feature scrapbook to provide a collection of photos for the child

“A Picture tells a thousand words” and Facebook has been as successful as it has kept the photos as integral part of Facebook ecosystem. Facebook has added a new feature for the camera happy generation to create a placeholder for their child’s photo.

Scrapbook will be a collection of your child’s photo. The photo of a child would be automatically added to the scrapbook of the child, when a user or their partner, tag a photo with her. As of now the photos shared of the child are scattered across different photo albums. Scrapbook is an attempt from Facebook to organize them in a better way.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

First you need to add your child as a family member in your Facebook profile. After adding your child as a family member on your profile:

  1. On your profile, click About below your cover photo.
  2. Click Family and Relationships.
  3. Click Add Scrapbook next to your child’s name.
  4. Click Get Started. Choose whether to add your partner then click Create Scrapbook.


Keeping in mind Facebook’s privacy policy, the scrapbook can be made Public, or viewed to your family or the people you want the same to be share it with. You can tag your child in your photos or in other people’s photos. When you tag your child, anyone in the audience of the photo can see the tag just like any other tag.

When you tag your child in someone else’s photo, they control the original audience (ex: friends, public). Also only you or your Partner can add photos to the scrapbook by tagging the child. In order for your Partner to get access to the scrapbook same needs to be provided by you through the Settings function.

Scrapbook feature is currently available only in the US only.