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Facebook latest offering- Optional Profile Picture Guard

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Profile pictures might seem like a small part of interacting people online, but it a key component in for how people build a community on Facebook.

Intrusion and misuse of profile picture have become a serious concern in India, and it came up to the level of harassment which turned out to be a serious crime. As we all know Facebook is an open platform of social networking site where a person can enter other users domain profile quite easily, independent of its location. That opens up the possibility of misusing the profile picture.

So, to tackle that problem, the Facebook team partnered with Indian safety organizations like Centre for Social Research, Learning Links Foundation, Breakthrough and Youth Ki Awaaz, to give people more control over their overall experience and help keep them stay safe online.

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For the sake of security, Facebook reveals their latest tool known as Optional Profile Picture Guard, which allows users to protect their personal account and give more control to manage theirs profile pictures. Furthermore, after installing the tool, users get following benefits

  • Now other users are not able to download or share profile pictures in a Facebook message.
  • Unfriend identity is not able to tag anyone, including themselves in users profile picture. Furthermore, it not easy to take a screenshot of the profile picture now.
  • After activating the following mode, users profile picture is displayed in Blue border and shield protection logo, which inform anonymous identity that this profile is in protected mode and any intrusion and misuse will be informed to the Facebook servers.

A great move by Facebook, they are taking some serious security measures and allow users to use the application to safeguard their profile from anonymous users. With this latest update company eliminate all possible ways of copying the profile picture.