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Facebook introduces login approvals to further improve account security

login approvals

Facebook today has rolled out a new security feature dubbed as login approvals. It’s primarily similar to the way login alerts work, though gives users an extra layer of security.

Once the feature is activated, users will see a pop-up asking them to enter a security code every time if they log in to their Facebook account from some other device, whether it is a computer, smartphone, or another web browser.

How does Login approvals work?

In order to get the login codes while trying to access Facebook from a new device, users can link their phone number with their Facebook account to get the codes via a text message.

Besides, there are two other ways to get the codes if you’re not interested in sharing your number with Facebook. The first one sounds a bit bizarre, where users are allowed to get 10 login codes which they can save or print and use them whenever required.

facebook login approvals

The second option lets you use a Code generator which you can find within the Facebook app itself. Just head over to Security Settings, click on Code Generator, then hit ” set up another way to get security codes,” and ensure you follow the instructions before you click Confirm.

Once you’re through with this process, the feature is enabled in your Facebook account.

In addition, Facebook wants to make it easier for users to help them understand privacy features better, in order to give them more control over their account. Hence, the company has introduced a new Privacy Basics page with new tools to help users understand and customize their account privacy easily.

It’s aimed to simplify a user’s privacy settings so as to find topics of interest quickly. For instance, there’s a Top Topics section where they can find some of the most frequently asked questions on topics such as ‘who can see photos and posts, or how to stop someone who’s stalking or bothering you. Also, the page offers additional information on topics such as ‘how advertisements work on Facebook,’ or how they can control ads they see on their timeline, and more.

Not to forget, it includes the rather important category on how users can make their Facebooks accounts more secure and stay safe. Here, users can find information such as how to deactivate or delete their profile, or how to make their account more secure, hacking, along with the Login Approvals feature mentioned above.

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