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Exclusive Interaction with Mr Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Director Sales and Marketing, IT Business, ViewSonic Monitors India

Sanjoy Bhattacharya is the Director, Sales and Marketing – IT Business of ViewSonic Monitors, India. He has been a part of the Indian IT hardware and display segment for close to 28 years. He joined ViewSonic in September 2020 as IT Business Head and was previously associated with LG Electronics as an IT Business Head for 16 years, and then joined Acer as a National Business Manager.

Sanjoy has been awarded by the Computer Society of India for his contribution to the Indian IT Hardware industry. Currently, he oversees the growth and strategy of the segment, manages budgets and drives sales performance. His responsibilities also include developing key marketing strategies, building relationships, and understanding customer trends for the IT business Mr. Bhattacharya is highly spoken of in the industry and has the ability to always have a clear and long-term vision towards amplifying the visibility of ViewSonic in India. These efforts have significantly boosted the company’s presence and helped establish them in major economies of the world in order to target their key audience.

We thank Mr. Sanjoy to answer our questions for this interaction. The interaction went like this.

  1. What is your observation on Key products, growth and sale of products during the pandemic?

The pandemic brought about a new set of challenges and they became the new normal.

A large number of people shifted to “work from home” thereby creating a huge demand for collaborative tools like video conferencing, professional monitors, upgraded mobile devices and more, on the other hand, the massive chip shortage created a scarcity of supplies.

Price escalation due to shortage was an unprecedented 3~8% month on month and the supply bottlenecks resulted in an acute shortage of monitors during and in the aftermath of lockdowns.

ViewSonic witnessed a new organic demand for portable monitors, videoconferencing monitors, the X-over series that boasts of good aesthetics and high functionality. The monitors with the desired specifications attracted the customers and the users were happy to invest in a quality monitor.

ViewSonic also launched newer propositions backed by research and innovation that were firsts for the industry like the introduction of extended warranty options on all non-touch monitors, increased channel engagement and incentive programs through the Powerplay app.

  1. What are your views on Cloud Gaming & its future in the gaming industry?

According to the latest research, the gaming industry is set to reach $6-7 Billion in value by the year 2025. With the rapid growth and shift from a hardware console to cloud gaming, the industry leaders are reimagining the technologies in the gaming industry. Cloud gaming provides a much more personalized and customized user experience, user retention and user engagement. Cloud gaming is the latest trend in the technology space and coupled with 5G it is going to be a breakthrough in the Indian economy.

  1. What is your opinion on the surge in demand for monitors in the Work from the Home scenario?

When the pandemic hit us in 2020, we saw a huge increase in demand for monitors/PCs/desktops. People prefer to buy a monitor which has it all in terms of features as well as technical properties, we witnessed an inclination to own a monitor that would make their lives easier and is also easy to handle amongst the consumers. Video Conferencing friendly monitor was a major requirement and our video-conferencing monitor VG2440v came to the rescue for many business owners and professionals for its unmatched experience offering various useful features like a built-in full HD webcam, & microphone, high quality of audio and visual, advanced eye-care technology and complete ergonomic flexibility (swivel, tilt, pivot & height) For individuals with multitasking jobs, the TD2445 In-Cell Touch monitor was a big hit for its accurate and efficient multitasking experience, versatile touch application with comfortable working angles, ergonomic dual-hinge design, In-Cell Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Touch Technology and has a minimal design concept.

  1. What is the scope of Pantone approved/certified monitors in the Editing industry (Filming, Videography)

Pantone certified monitors basically give our users assurance that the displayed colours are exactly the same when printed and there are no inconsistencies. These monitors hold great importance in the Videography/editing/filming industry for their crystal-clear showcase of similar colours which may be difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. These monitors provide users especially in the filming, graphics and creative industry with finer colour detail, depth in deeper colours and an overall brilliant working experience through monitors. VP2468a Pantone-approved monitor is a perfect eg of this. It has a 100% sRGB colour coverage, provides an amazing Delta E<2 value and delivers unmatched colour accuracy for professional applications.

  1. How is ViewSonic fostering technology development in their products?

Being a company based on visual solutions, ViewSonic believes in constantly innovating and introducing the latest technology in display/screens to our users. The brand is working to bring the future of display technology to our users which include OLED display, bendable or flexible screens, 3D and holographic screens etc. As one of the industry leaders in this space, we aim to keep expanding our horizons and product range with better technology and experience.

  1. How has ViewSonic captured and currently expanding the monitor market in India

In terms of expansion, ViewSonic just launched a new Elite Gaming monitor (XG270Q) in our Elite gaming series which is our best monitor for all the gaming enthusiasts along with a Pantone-approved ColorPro Monitor (VP2468a) specially designed for all the photographers/editors/filmmakers/ graphic designers which consist of a huge part our audience. Its catalogue also consists of a Video-Conferencing monitor VG2440V for all the professionals and businessmen and an In-Cell Touchscreen monitor TD2455 for entertainment and smooth multitasking.ViewSonic is the only visual-solution company to have such a wide range of monitors catering to a vast audience and needs. We aim to tap every segment of our potential audience and as mentioned above, we are constantly working on bringing newer innovations and technology for them. 6 categories, mention different segments, all