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Evidson X88 Review: Earphones worth the money

“That’s the problem with music,” he said unboxing his new Evidson X88 Sound Supreme earphones, “If no one had said anything about it, we would still be listening; if no one marketed it, we would still be listening; and if Justin Beiber wasn’t considered an artist, we would still be listening (in a slightly better world perhaps).”

The device I have in my hand today is from a current generation maker, Evidson, that sure promises to bring quality at desirable prices.

The thing about low budget earphones is that between sound quality and build quality, at least one is compromised upon. That is exactly the case with the X88. Priced at Rs. 599, this one has a similar package, design, and form factor. Not much has been revealed about the driver, except that it is dynamic and has “High Fidelity.” For those who don’t know what it means, it’s just a fancy way of saying that it has high performance in the sound department. News flash: that’s what ear modules are supposed to have.

Build Quality

As far as the build is concerned, it is quite ordinary. If you are one for the retro-design, then this is the one for you. However, for the undisciplined ones like myself, the rubber alloy cable exterior is quite the hassle. No question about the quality of build used because the fingers did not stop even once as I slid my pinch along its length. The buff finish of the tip/outlet makes it a comfortable wear even without the bud cover. The 1.5 m long cable just adds to the convenience.

P.S. One of the few reasons I like the build of this one is that I can lie on my side wearing it, without hurting myself.

Moving on to the sound department, this is where this one starts doing justice to what the company promises to offer. It has amply been emphasized that crispness of sound and good bass are often enough to satisfy an audiophile. But, doing that right, is a feat achieved only by a few.

Sounds like a roar

The X88 may have an average build, but the sound quality certainly gives you your money’s worth. The voice is crisp and clear for all volume levels, indicating that there has been no compromise on the driver unit.

The module has a standard range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz (I dunno why this has to be mentioned on the box. Not like we are bats.. Or are we? Food for thought!).

Tagged as a basic audiophile earphone, this one offers great bass. Upon the first try, an experienced user will be able to tell that it is one of the best in at least a radius of Rs. 300. The beats are blunt where it suits the ear, and the drops and rise are sharp just enough for a peace-lover like myself. 

The only slight qualm I have in the sound department is that it has just a hint of a leak. It should not be a problem unless one is bouncing in a pin drop silent room with twenty others staring at them.

Pros Cons
Traditional design Ordinary build
Excellent bass Leaks
Crisp sound
Value for money


One week of usage and I don’t feel like moving on to another one, yet. Usually, I am fairly quick. Less than Rs. 600 for this quality? Take my money, almost already!